Stürmen und Türmen

About the game

‚Stürmen und Türmen‘ was the first commissioned work I was allowed to realise. Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlauch our team developed a concept for the famous fortress ‚Ehrenbreitstein‘ in Koblenz. After some modifications the concept got approved by our client the ‚Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz‘. After some minor tweaks on the concept our team was charged to implement the game. In a addition the client decided that the game was to be exhibited permanently on the fortress.

The core idea of the game was a mini-game collection that was suitable for young and old as well as easy to use. The main goal of the game was to collect points. The player with the highest score throughout all mini-games wins at the end.

The mini-games

  • Shooting at the walls
    The aim of this game was to destroy the wall of the fortress. To achieve this, the player fired a cannon at the wall. The closer he got to the marked area, the more points he got. After a shot, the player had to reload his cannon by repeatedly pressing the ‚B‘-button on his controller.
  • Storming the wall
    After the wall of the fortress was destroyed, the next target was storming it. To do this, the players had to run across the battlefield and dodge the puddles of mud. Bonus points could be earned by collecting coins. Another difficulty for the player was the balancing of a ladder, each soldier was carrying. With too much imbalance of the ladder, the player was slowed down.
  • Climbing the wall
    After the ladders were placed, the next task of the players was to climp up the wall. While climbing, they had to dodge falling objects. Occasinonally a coin fell down that could be collected in order to earn bonus points. In addition, a star could be collected. The star caused a short boos of speed.
  • Wind up the flag
    Finally, the players had to hoist a flag on the wall. To do this, they had to alternately press the back shoulder buttons. The player who first hoisted his flag got the most points.

My tasks

At the beginning of the work my main task was the realization of the final scene. The winner of the whole game was shown in this scene as well as the credits. I implemented the scene really fast because I only had to sawp textures depending on the players score.

Show code
private void Awake(){ 
   int[] tmp_Array = HighScoreManager.instance.GetRanking(); 
   for (int counter = 0; counter < 4; counter++){ 
      m_Playerbags[counter].material = m_PlayerColors[tmp_Array[counter] - 1]; 
   m_HorseRenderer.material = m_HorseColors[tmp_Array[0] - 1]; 

In the course of the project I took over the role of the team leader. Under my supervision weekly meetings were arranged and solutions for existing problems were found quickly. Another part of leading the team was the communication with our client. I arranged meetings on the fortress and bought hardware which was needed for the implementation of the game.

Since I have mainly taken over organizational work in this project, I got a lot of this experience in this area. Because of this experience, I see communication within a team as one of the most important and at the same time most difficult tasks in realising a game.

The project was successfully handed over to the client in January 2018. Since then, the game has been exhibited at the fortress and can be played live on-site.

I’m very proud of the work my team has done!

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